Client Testimonials

Before I started on a course of Cranio-Sacral treatments with Eka, I had terrible hip pain that was really interfering with my life. As a result of my sessions with Eka, the pain left and has not come back. Also, in the process of working with her, I learned some very useful and important things about my body – insights that will really help me to keep myself healthy, moving forward. I recommend Eka to friends and clients alike and no matter what their problem is, I tell them this one thing as a result of my sessions with Eka, “prepare to be nurtured and experience blissful rest like never before.

– Anne Palmer, RN, CNM, HC

Eka, for almost 18 years you have been helping me deal with my Fibromyalgia pain and so much more!! You taught me Reiki which opened a new world for me and gave me the tools to help myself and others. The different modalities of Body Work you have mastered have enriched the sessions we have and tamed multiple problems that plague my body and my soul! I am so thankful to have you in my life. Every session with you leaves me feeling calm, renewed, and so much better. You are truly a beautiful person and I feel blessed by your Spirit and Energy!

– Judy G. retired Federal Govt.

I wanted to tell you how much your treatment has done for me.  The Reiki treatment did for me what a doctor, chiropractor, massage therapist and psychiatrist have all not been able to do.  I felt like 10 lbs. of weight had been taken off my shoulders.  This is the most “calm” inside I felt, maybe ever.

– BL Front Royal, VA

Thank you again for our treatment session; it felt like coming home and in the days immediately after I felt so much lighter and better than before I saw you.  It felt like some of the old “ugly stuff” finally let go and then I was ready to receive the joy that came with the baby’s birth and the happiness she has brought to our family.  You have an amazing gift, thank you for sharing it with me.

– TM Middletown, VA